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Import Your Desired Goods to Nigeria At Highly Affordable Rates!

We Buy & Ship

Mobile phones & Tablets

All the best of smartphones and tablet ranging from iPhones, Samsung, Huawei, LG, HTC, Nokia, Sony, Google, Xiaomi, Microsoft, etc.

Brand New, Mint (Like New) and Fairly Used.

Computers, Laptops & Cameras

All the best of desktop computers, laptops & cameras, ranging from HP, Dell, Apple Macbook, Asus, Acer, Samsung, Toshiba, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, etc.

Brand New, Mint (Like New) and Fairly Used.

Game consoles, Shoes & Others

All the best of gaming consoles, clothing items, shoes, accessories and just any valid thing you can get cheap overseas.

Brand New, Mint (Like New) and Fairly Used.

We Also Offer Repairs on All Brands

We fix all the popular brands

Maxpal is a renowned phone and laptops repair expert in Lagos, Nigeria. We have in our team the best hands to fix all your gadget problems from screen replacement, hard drive replacement, RAM replacement, touch replacement, even unto motherboard problems.

Identify Your Need(s)

Do you need to ship an item? Or you wish to buy a gadget at a cheap price? Or you have a budget but have no idea which gadget would fit best? Or you need to repair a gadget of yours?

Tell Us

You have identified your need, great! Now you have to talk to us with the details.  Visit our order page and select the right options, please be descriptive enough.

Wait For A Call

We will give you a call within 24 hours, provided you have submitted your phone number on the order page. We may ask further questions if need be. Don’t worry, you’re talking to a human so be friendly 🙂

Why choose us

Quality guarantee

Our shipping services are top-notch. Our repairs are done by certified technicians. We offer you the best of all things, no matter how little it seems.

For as much as it is done  by us, then it is the best you will find around. From pricing to professionalism, you can’t get any better, anywhere.

Evolved Personnel

No, you will not be dealing with people who only know how to “price” and send invoices. You will rather be dealing with those who know the value of your treasures. Not for profit sakes, but for true value.

World-Class Customer service

We don’t take your orders and leave you in a dark room. That’s total BS! The people of Maxpal know what it means to shell out a penny even if its for charity purpose.

We will keep you updated until we have your service(s) delivered and with an accompanying feedback of excellence from you.

Privacy policy

For orders and repairs, Maxpal pays close attention to the privacy of your data. No information from your gadget will be transferred to a third party. We may however use images of your gadgets in our campaigns on social media and other media.
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